Why Traditional Marketing Doesn't Work Anymore And What You Can Do About It.

Traditional marketing doesn't work anymore and yet it's what most businesses do. Here is a quick test to see if you are still doing traditional marketing. Answer these questions.

1. Creativity Is Key In Marketing Success. … T or F
2. Less Is Better … People are too busy these days … T or F
3. It Always Boils Down To Price In The End… T or F
4. "Branding" Is Key To Successful Marketing … T or F

These are old school principles of marketing; every answer is false. If you believe that these concepts are true then your marketing dollars are not getting you maximum results.

  • Creativity is not a key to successful marketing. We're bombarded by beautiful creative promotions everyday and they no longer make an impact. What makes the difference is saying the right thing to the right person.
  • Less is never better When a person is parting with their money they'll take the time to make a good decision and the one educating the consumer is the winner.
  • Price is only a measure for an uneducated prospect. It's never about price it's always about value. People will always research and choose the best deal, rarely is that the lowest price.
  • Branding is only for major players with HUGE budgets, for the vast majority of businesses Action Oriented advertising and promotion is much better than branding techniques.

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