Catering To Growth - 43% increase in sales in 90 days.

Stephen D'Angelo is a successful business owner. He has built a successful restaurant business known as T.J.'s Deli. His success led to expanding his services into catering small events and church functions. Stephen wanted out of the long hours at the deli, but how was he going to make a living? Only Catering was his solution.

The Recipe For Growth

During Stephen's first year in the catering business he had success but believed he could do better. Knowing that marketing was a key ingredient to his success he sought our assistance. During our first meeting we discovered his true income potential within his existing capacity. We did some budget planning and goal setting. Stephen said, "I had heard of thinking outside the box, but now I knew what that really meant." After several weeks of deliberation and several additional discussions Stephen hired us to manage his marketing.

The Plan Was Implemented

Building an entirely new identity Stephen changed his name to "Only Catering" to improve his image and separate from the Deli Brand. The plan was to build a database of prospects, and since it was September the first campaign was to target business clients for holiday and year end parties. We followed it with a Super Bowl Promo.See the layouts here.

The Results Were In

We set reasonable goals, getting 100 prospects in the database over the next 12 months. After the first campaign in just 90 days we hit our goal of 100 prospects and a whopping increase in sales of 43%. Getting results is not by chance, it's by planning.

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